Coordinating Sneakers to Suits

Man suit stylist

Coordinating Sneakers to Suits







Now is the time to change!

In men's designer brands like Valentino

It is already matching colorful sneakers and suits.

At first glance, it's not like that, but actually your suit

It's obvious that it's one of the easiest ways to upgrade.

Recently, men are wearing neat sneakers

It's not hard to see.

Whether you match denim or shorts, sneakers

It's a bit brighter and more lively.
But differently, men wear sneakers

It is not used for suit fashion.

Of course, for decades men have worn leather shoes on their suits.

Naturally, because of this costume culture,

I had to get away from sneakers.






If you look at the successful sneakers and suit

Several important factors can be found.

Of course, there are exceptions to all rules,

I'll introduce you to the appropriate suit

It's the 'general rule' of matching the right sneakers.


1) Sneakers should be an extension of the suit.

I have to keep my sneakers on the suit

Catch what you are talking about.

Ultimately, because the suit is the main, sneakers

Remember that it is just an extension of the suit.

See the picture below for a slim tailored suit

You can see slim look using sneakers.

Even if the colors are in conflict

The look is more harmonious and edged than I thought.



2) Suits, sneakers and color matching

If you're just trying to wear sneakers

The best way to combine sneakers and suits

Match with similar colors.

For example, unless you can digest it perfectly

Avoid gray suits and red sneakers.

Instead, wear basic sneakers such as white, dark grey, or black.


3) if in doubt white sneakers

The easiest way to wear sneakers in a suit

Choose white sneakers.

Clean white sneakers. White sneakers

Always give a neat feeling and a clear image

It also gives the effect of something formal.

Also to keep the harmony

It is also important that the strap of the sneakers be white.





4) Be careful with the bottom of the suit 

What men do when they match their suits and sneakers

One of the biggest mistakes was in a pair of sneakers

Randomly suit any suit.

It is very important to cut off the hem of the suit's pants,

The suit pants must reveal the shoes.

If your pants are too long to hide your shoes,

There is no reason to wear sneakers.

If you wear low-cut sneakers,

You can also fold up and match.

This reveals the ankle properly so that the sneakers do not mismatch.

Sense wearing fake socks for a more perfect look!







Last message to match suits and sneakers 


Break the boundaries of formal suits

The easiest way to make an experimental attempt

Combining sneakers with the suit.

Most of the summer looks like, but can be easily applied in the cold season.

Instead of folding the suit pants, the pants should be of regular length.

Sneakers can be changed from low-cut to high-cut.

For example, a pair of pants

You should raise a little to keep your ankles warm.


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Coordinating Sneakers to Suits

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