Where should I go under my pants?

Universal pants length guide

Trouser Hem Styling




"Proper pants length and the degree of" break "will eventually depend on personal preference."


Let's define first.

'Break' in pants means that the bottom of the pants

English representation of the folds.

'Proper' pants length is always a controversial part of the style rule.

But what about the length of the pants

It depends on personal taste, aesthetics and body shape.

In this essay, you will find a guide to the best length for your pants.

Here are four of the most commonly used 'breaks'.





No Break

(Form without bottom pleats and folding)

Tom Brown's Shrunken Suit (extremely short and tight

Tom Brown's signature suit has completely changed the trend of men's dress pants.

Many men now have a perfect hem at the top of their shoes

Feel "No break" at ease.

Tom Brown's aesthetic doesn't allow pants

The above style is very appropriately narrowed.

Personally, I prefer a 7-inch hem width.

|  What It Says About You  |
"I'm interested in modern, hip and accurate tailoring

I have a great desire to be like a fashionable European gentleman. "

|  Looks Best On  |
Slender dude, short dude, italian guy,

A friend, young friend who wants to be an Italian man.

Slight Break 
(The bottom hem slightly covers the shoes without folding)

If "no break" or very plump pants style

I think it's too much style

If you want a little contemporary style

"Slight Break" is perfect.

This look is slightly longer than the front of the pants

The cuff should be removed to get the best look.

|  What It Says About You  |
I understand that fit is everything.

And they are eager for the contemporary and the latest.

But that doesn't mean trendy.
|  Looks Best On  |
Most people, slim pants (except skinny), modern businessmen

Medium Break

I don't want tapered or slim trousers

Ideal for a little conservative style that wants to turn up.

|  What It Says About You  |
"I am serious in style and respectful

There's an acceptable conservative and high quality Taylor. "

|  Looks Best On  |
Mature, Conservative Businessman, Gentleman

Full Break

This is the widest pants I have

In fact, to describe Full Break really needs to be wider than this.

However, I did my best to show her the full break.

The bottom of my pants is very fold, but it's a bit elegance.

|  What It Says About You  |
I am old, wise and heavy. And conservative in style

I live at my own eternal jazz lawn party.

| Looks Best On  |
Older Gentleman, Fat Gentleman, Wide Pants, Vintage Look

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Where should I go under my pants?

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