Robes and Bow Ties

Wear clothes and bow tie without fail.


What are the happiest and most anticipated moments in life

Many things, especially marriage in five fingers

Think about it.

I think a lot of people will agree.

Wedding, one of the few important moments in life

How badly woud you want to shine?


Mannergram is about to recommend a formal suit style that goes well with the bow tie.

Traditionally, a lot of men habitually wear black suit with satin added tuxedo styles.

Satin is glossy black fabric that are made with silk or poly fabric.

Even after many years, the most fashionable style

I can confidently say it's a black suit.

The dress suit not only makes the bride shine

but also you can look fabulous if the dress well-fitted surprisingly,

Recently, many people wear by attaching the satin part of the lapel detachably to wear this dress practical.

If you plan to wear a practical tuxedo

I recommend this method.

If the satin part is sewn than I thought

It's usually a bit uncomfortable to wear

Also, if you need a hanger chief

Silk hanger chief is recommended.

The style will be harmonious with the bridal wedding dress.

Shoes are black or dark brown.

Dandy hair style is common but will leave this to personal preference.

Navy suit



If you choose navy solid style robes

You can take off your bow tie right away and return to your daily routine.

Today's dress trend, black isn't the only answer, so don't worry.

In commemoration of marriage made with good fabrics and good maid methods

It's a great way to get a good navy suit.

Gray suit


If you like the usual gray suit

Get a good gray suit for this opportunity.

The black bow tie goes well with the older adults

It's my favorite color, so it's less burdensome.

In addition to the charcoal gray series

A dark gray suit is recommended.

Charcoal is a magic color.

It works well with any color.

Rather like Apple's advertising copylight

It can be said that it is close to magic.

If you are young, dark gray is good,

A bit lighter gray is also good.

But don't really light gray.

Because you can share a lot

Unless you have a special reason

It would be nice to choose a darker tone.



Navy Suit Color Up



I recommended navy suit before

If you want a more special navy color

Let's choose this color.

It looks like a solid tone, but weaved with thread of several colors of navy

It is a color that adds a three-dimensional effect.

Special in color, not overdone

Favorite dark colors.

I want to tell you once again to check and select the weave.

Gray suit check




Dark gray and glencheck style suit.

If you are looking for a classic mood,

It may not be bad.

I would like to tell people who have basic suits to choose.

Everything is basic.

Anyone who wants a new atmosphere in a basic suit will be happy to wear.

If I'm not sure I'm okay Who thinks

Solid solid suit.

Choose a suit that suits you best.

Pattern suit



Are you usually confident that you are a fashion people?

And if you're rumored to be a well-dressed brother around

This daring style is also recommended.

You can use it as a party dress beyond simple dress.

Those who are confident aren't too bad to choose.

But it's a style that I don't usually enjoy

If you make a choice, I won't be responsible for it.

As I said before. I want you to think and choose your own inclinations.

And finally, to summarize the style, the shirt

Not tie the hooks automatically

Wear your original bow tie.

As you can see in the picture, the knot will be full and cool.

It's a moment, but let's suffer once.

Is it good if photograph comes out beautifully?

We briefly talked about robes and bow ties.

I wish you and your married couples happiness all the time.

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Robes and Bow Ties

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