How to fold Hankerchief

How to fold a hanger chip (pocket square)

Like tie pins, pocket squares

Authentic accessories of classic men's wear.

Luckily, the men found that they could tear off the stitches on the suit jacket breast pocket.

In order to create a luxurious style in that pocket

I started filling up small accessories.

Pocket Square wears a suit jacket or blazer

Not only make it versatile,

Bringing visual interest and depth to the men's look,

It can show a subtle but powerful personality.

There are many ways to fold Pocket Square, but whichever method you choose

Depends on personal taste

Whichever way you follow, practice makes perfect

Invest a bit of time as you want

You can wear Pocket Square easily and sensibly.

This journal covers everything from casual to formal.

Here are five proven pocket square ties.


Classic Fold

Classic folds are the simplest and simplest way to fold.

Use it for casual occasions such as your first date or drinking with friends.

Classic folds also work best on solid pocket squares with different edges.



How To Do it 

1. Spread the pocket square flat.

2. Fold one side in half.

3. Fold in half again so that the bottom meets the top.

4. Then fold it back vertically to fit the breast pocket size.  

Bonus Tip 

If Pocket Square's border is hand-rolled, it's much more classic.

Rather than folding perfectly symmetrically, the overlapping edges of the pocket square

Naturally, you can get a better effect.

The Pesko Fold

Fesco Fold is the movie Don Draper from Mad Man.

Sean Connery, who starred as James Bond,

Slightly silvery white is a folding method that seems to come out.

The pesco fold does not have to be pocket square white.

But solid pocket squares are the best choice, in contrast to suit jackets.

Pesco folds are good for formal and business situations.


How To Do It 

1. Spread the pocket square flat.

2. Fold one side vertically by a third.

3 Fold the other side that is not folded to fit the breast pocket size.

4. Fold both ends a little.

5. Fold it back in half and place it deep in the breast pocket.

Bonus Tip 

Depending on the depth of the breast pocket or the size of the pocket square

It can be difficult to see how much pocket square you need to look out of your pocket.

A good solution is to get a thin cardboard.

And cut this narrower than the width of the pocket square and fit it in the chest pocket

Very lightly out of pocket.

Finally, wrap the cardboard with pocket square

I put it in a chest pocket whole.



Puff folds are simple but have visual appeal, depth and subtlety.

Don't worry if you put it in your pocket, it will look clunky.

Puff folds come in a wide variety of applications and can look great anywhere.


 How To Do It


1. Spread the pocket square flat and poke the center.

2. Hold the center point and lift the pocket square.

3. Make a ring with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, wrap the pocket square and sweep it down.

4. Fold the edge of the unorganized part below once.


The crown fold is basically the shape of an inverted puff fold.

Don't try to get too perfect.

Pocket Square that is pre-folded like that

You can buy it, but it's not good.

The charm of the crown fold is that it never looks exactly the same.

That's why perfection is not a virtue for crown folds.

Crown folds are eye catching and a great option for any social gathering.

 How To Do It

1. Spread the pocket square flat and hit the center.

2. Lift Pocket Square from the middle.

3. Make a ring with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, wrap the pocket square and sweep it down.

4. Fold round parts.

Bonus Tip

If the pocket square has a tag

Of course you don't want to show

Carefully remove it.



It is also the fold that requires the most practice and attention.

In short, you can twist Pocket Square until you have a flower shape.

It's not incredibly difficult, but you need to be proficient to make it right.

If you want to express yourself intensely, try a flower fold.

How To Do It 


1. Make a ring shape with your thumb and index finger and place the pocket square on it.

2. Slide the pocket square into the ring made of thumb and index finger.

3. Hold the part between your thumb and index finger.

4. Then twist the pocket square clockwise to form the shape.

5. When the shape is complete, grasp the unfolded part and push it up.

※ Last few things to keep in mind

[ Practice Makes Perfect ] 
New skills always require time investment.
But fortunately, the practice of folding the pocket square
It doesn't require that much investment.

[ Don't be afraid to tinker ]
Being a pro for Pocket Square is obviously often
There may be times when the shape of the pocket square does not come out perfectly.
As long as you get the look you want, there are no rules for dealing with it.

[ Experiment ]
The five folds introduced are from casual to formal
All of these options can be covered, but not all five.
Sharpening the basics and trying new things
I hope you find the style that works best for you.



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How to fold Hankerchief

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