How to use a tie pin

How to use a tie pin

I recommend not, but if you have to!

Tie pins are the basics of men, bringing men's classics to life.

Must-have item.

Tie pins have small but strong details that can make a big impact on your style.

This essay discusses how to use tie pins.

I PURPOSE: Purpose I

Tie pins are placed on the plaque front (Placket Front).

It holds the tie.

Tie pins are designed to be used only for ties,

Simply don't let the tie swung by the wind or the outside

I just fixed it.

I SIZE: Size I

The tie pin should never be wider than the tie width.

The tie pin should be at least 1 inch wide and not wider than the tie width.

I think about 3/4 of the tie width is most appropriate.

I STYLE: Style I

Tie pins can be produced in two styles.

Pinch Clasp and Slide Clasp,

In general, I want to fix the tie in a better position

Pinch Clasp is preferred.

Most pinch clasps, however,

Because it's easy to fix

If you tie a thin necktie than pinch clasp

Slide clasps may be more appropriate.


The most obvious rule is between the third and fourth buttons on the shirt,

It is located near the sternum and just below the chest pectoral muscle.

Also, tie pins should always be perpendicular to the tie.

Be careful not to tilt it.

The most common mistake

Tie pin is crooked      /      Tie pin too wide      /      Wear tie pin on vest

I DETAIL: Detail I

Before you put in the tie pin, push the tie up slightly over the shirt

Give it a sense of volume, then add some more depth

It can be appealing visually

Avoid feeling like you are holding a tie, not a tie.

I COLOR: Color I

Silver is a safety bread.

Classic yet fits into almost any look

It works well for anyone.

However, if the accessory item is gold, it is better to use gold.

(It's safest to use the same color for metal matches.)

Try to avoid colorful tie pins.

Maybe it's very difficult for you? Will look like a person.

Needless to say, tie pins are

It should be a detail point.

I BONUS TIP: Bonus Tips I

As I said earlier,

Do not use tie pins with vests or cardigans.

Do not forget that the tie pin is for fixing the tie.

The vest and cardigan are already fastening the tie

No tie pins needed.

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How to use a tie pin

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